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90% of the
world's plastic
is not recycled.

...and we can use it to build better roads.

  • Our process can prevent 3 tons of plastic, per lane, per mile of road from ending up in our oceans and landfills.

  • Our technology is backed by 30 years of research and development and ready to scale.

  • Our asphalt modifier provides a sustainable, high performance product that meets the needs of state and local governments as well as private industry.

  • Our goal is to simultaneously solve for the expense and tragedy of plastic waste while making roads cheaper, stronger and longer lasting.  We provide relief from growing construction costs, reduced budgets and crumbling infrastructure.

Our product does "a world of good" by doing good for the world.

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About Us

A passionate and professional team consisting of proven executives with decades of combined experience in the public and private sectors. We believe in the transformative potential of our project on a local, national and global level.

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